EP 81 We all Learn so we can outclass Ourselves

In Today’s Outclass we have a lot to cover. Here is a Glimpse of what we have Today. 

  • What is an Outclass? 
  • The Need for us all to be Healthcare Literate. 
  • We all Walk in Different Woods – Some Thoughts
  • Who is a Professional in Your Opinion?
  • What Seth Godin Says about Professionals in his book ‘The Practice’ 
  • A Conversation on Movies and what is the future of entertainment
  • Poetry: Today I Like Life Less By César Vallejo

You can listen to Penpositive Outclass on Spotify, Apple, Google, Audible and More. Here is the Podcast Link on Spotify

If you want to Listen to the Book Intro Videos on Penpositive YouTube Channel that was mentioned in the Podcast. And do Subscribe to the channel if you like

Work By James Suzman
To Raise A Boy By Emma Brown

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