EP 84 Environment, Skater Girl, Social Media, WEN I-TO and More

This week we have a packed episode and here are some of the things that are on my mind menu served on this week’s Podcast.

  • Using Social Media and my Time
  • Daily Writing Exercise started.
  • Started reading the Book Hype by Gabrielle Bluestone
  • World Environment Day, What Am I doing ?
  • Is startup for everyone?
  • When to change a Job?
  • Ask What is our Social Media Usage Patten
  • Skater Girl on Netflix. Watch it Today.. Now!!!
  • Poetry: Purpose By WEN I-TO

That is not all…. please listen and leave some good reviews. Share your thoughts on the Podcast’s Website

Share your thoughts on the Podcast’s Website. You can listen to Penpositive Outclass on Spotify, Apple, Google, Audible and More. Here is the Spotify Link

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