EP 85 Father’s Day | Parallel Curriculum | Habits and Projects | Poems and more

On this week’s episode there is a lot to unpack and here you go.

  • Now at 100K on Clubhouse.
  • Father’s day Thoughts
  • A Parallel Curriculum in schools
  • Difference between a Habit and a project.
  • When Covid gets very close to you.
  • Podcast mentioned in this Episode. It’s been a minute With Sam Sanders Act up – A History of Aids/HIV Activism
  • Interesting Conversations I had.
  • Interacting with Students of Palghat GEC on Engineering and Professionalism
  • Speaking at the Hackathon for Kerala Police on the Perils and Promise of Social Media
  • Reading Week in Kerala
  • Poem by Carl Sandburg – A Father to his Son.

That is not all…. please listen and leave some good reviews. Share your thoughts on the Podcast’s Website.

Share your thoughts on the Podcast’s Website. You can listen to Penpositive Outclass on Spotify, Apple, Google, Audible and More. Here is the Spotify Link

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