Can I write daily for 365 Days? And Should I ?

To the first question the answer is yes.. yes I can. Now should I? that is a personal question. I will try answering from my POV.

I have been writing for a while and been doing blogs and writing on LinkedIn Facebook and so on. After moving to Videos and Podcasts over the past two years my writing has taken a beating and I want to revive it. That is my why.

The next question that came to mind was which platform should I choose.

I have options like FB where I have a sizable readership or I should say post reach. Also LinkedIn where a 7K number that you expect will know that you have written something. Then I thought of Medium that I am not very active on.

And then I have this blog of mine that has been quite inactive for a while. So let this be the home to it all.

And now if I were to attempt a 365 day writing project one would think do it in a platform you have maximum following. Or alternatively do it in a place you have least followers and see how that builds up.

What will I write? Over the years as part of this blog I have written a range of stuff including poems, articles, short fiction, personal musings, professional notes and so on. So that is what is going to be here going forward as well. It all depends on the mood

It all starts tomorrow.

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  1. Yes if you can because everybody not have the writing talent so please do👍🏻🙏🏻

  2. Good thought.. Offering all support 🙂

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