1/365 When you start out on something new

When you decide to do something new there are many thoughts that would come to mind and since I am embarking on this ambitious learning project.. let us start there.

The first few hours of deciding was an excitement and a bit of pride that you are able to confidently decide on something and even tell the world that you are going to do it.

Then slowly reality starts descending on you and for me 365 looks a lot more than just the three numbers and the space it takes to write it. That is a very long commitment.

Then you are worried what will you write for all these 365 days. It is like I need to decide that upfront. And I remind myself of the statement I tell others. ‘If you want every traffic signal on your way to be green before you leave you will never leave your house’. And that feels better but not the end.

Cool.. but what should I start with on the first day. There is a possibility that what I write on the first day will set the tone for what follows. And then you fix that too… so I decided to put some ground rules to start with.

  1. Discipline: Set the same time of day to write.
  2. Random Topics: Don’t define what you can or cannot write.
  3. Length: It can be as long or short as you want.
  4. Let it Flow: Don’t bother to read and correct too much. Perfection is not the goal here
  5. Don’t be harsh with you: If you miss a day just continue and don’t stop. You might end the project a few days later. Who cares…
  6. It has to be fun: It is not a stress but a fun, it is an exercise, a Learning, a game with no losers and only winners. There are not that many games like that in the world
  7. Choose your Mode: Desktop or Mobile choose your mode of writing so tech or lack of it does not impede you.

So there you are and we have officially begun. Join me to read and follow and at any point you want to start… do it… for the fun of it.

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5 replies

  1. Great initiative. Best wishes for a fun filled journey of 365 days.

  2. Best wishesfor your new initiative, simplenarrative

  3. Very inspiring

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