3/365 Is Social Media Fair ?

Over the past one year or more I keep asking myself that while social media is a level playing field, but is it is fair. While it is true that many people quite unknown get an opportunity to be known unlike before… but is it fair?

I don’t think it is and I have my reasons. And what I am writing here is just a ‘Thought in Progress’ TIP… just like a work in progress… so it will evolve and I can contradict what I write here today 😀

While the barrier of entry to connect, collaborate and get a reach and build a following and be heard is very less, the competition is more. it also creates an elite club of its own. If you get traction in one platform you can get similar traction in another platform with very less effort so in a way it does give undue advantage to some people who have established themselves.

I am a recipient of this kind of advantage where my Clubhouse following grew to 100k+ just because people knew me on FB and that gave me an unfair advantage.

Another point is when I have a page on Facebook or channel or YouTube or a club that has a room hosted on clubhouse, I also hold the power to decide who can get on the stage and speak or be blocked from the page and so on. And I think that is how it is because we should not consider a social media page or a group or a club as like a society.. it is not…

A social media page is more like a house and not like the street. It is private in that sense. The concept of public in the social media does not mean the same as in the real world. Even on a street you have to abide with certain rules while you walk or ride or drive on a street. No one asks for fairness when they run a red light. It is wrong.. period.. yes we are ok in some cases of running a red light like Medical Emergency, Ambulance, police and so on… because in such occasions that becomes the norm.

But in social media people expect that every shit of theirs should be entertained because it is a public page or group.. No… Nada… you don’t… and it is not about fairness and it is about etiquette… People have a right to leave a page, block a page or follow and be there. Like or dislike that is how it works at least for me. On my page I block people who I don’t think finds value in what I say and are there just because they can abuse me or my opinion as they do not agree with something I said before or now.

Now they can also go and create a page or group like me and set the rules, like there is a guy who had created Parody for me on Twitter. That person’s trip in life. Social Media is not fair in the sense that everyone gets to say what they want on any page that they want. You will get blocked if the page owner does not like what you say or don’t want you to be there. That is the Norm. Go make your own page.

We have to redefine what is being fair on Social Media.

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