4/365 Using Club house as an Educator, Agile Scrum Coach and Active Learner.

Since I started using clubhouse my goal has been to find ways to use it in such a way that I can use it both as a Learner and an Educator. Today I experimented something in my Penpositive Club on Clubhouse. A Public Retrospective and Coaching exercise. Here are my thoughts. If you want to listen to this blogpost in Malayalam you can do so on my Malayalam Podcast as I most days take the topic here and explain the same in Malayalam.

For those who don’t know what a Retrospective is, it is a ceremony in the Agile Scrum methodology where at the end of the Sprint (1 week to 4 weeks) the team comes together to do a retrospective of how the sprint went. As part of a retrospective, the team tries to address three questions

  1. What went well?
  2. What did not go well?
  3. What will we work on improving?

The difference in Clubhouse and when I am doing something like this in public is that there is no team and no sprints. So I put a title like this one.

2 Min Weekly Retrospective – πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ | πŸ™πŸ‘Ž | πŸ€“πŸ’ͺ | Join & Share ‼️

The reason for the emojis is that you cannot add the entire questions on the Title and most people don’t read the description on the room. Let me take sometime to explain what I meant with the title, as I think it is relevant.

  1. 2 Min – I wanted people to stick to 2 minutes when they share their update. Though we did not do it as I wanted people to be comfortable to share and this was the first time.
  2. Weekly Retrospective – So it is not a sprint and it is the past week and I intend to do this every week on Sunday (7AM PST, 7:30PM IST)
  3. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ – This means What went well.
  4. πŸ™πŸ‘Ž – This means What did not go well.
  5. πŸ€“πŸ’ͺ – This means What will we work on improving.

I know people will get the emoji idea in the future. Just remembered now that I should have done this explanation on the call, may be next time.

We ran the room close to 3 hours and let me share some of my learnings and findings

  1. I purposefully did the room in English even though I know the majority of my 104K followers on Clubhouse is Malayalam speaking. I did that as I wanted to have a safe place for people to converse in English and communicate and learn, a place where they will learn to communicate in English without knowing it.
  2. Usually when I do a room in Malayalam my audience can be anywhere between 200 to 350 (have gone unto 1000 in some occassions. Here it got to 70 and then stuck there.
  3. May be due to English being the medium or may be the topic was still not clear to many and people’s goal of using Clubhouse might not resonate with a retrospective exercise.
  4. But for me that is not an issue as my goal is not a ton of people but being able to help those who are interested. From usual 5-9 member teams to doing it for 70 people is quite a jump and even if there were 300 people it would have been difficult.
  5. In between a friend and very well known person Muralee Thummarukudi came into the room and shared his thoughts and that got the listeners from 70 to 130 and that continued that way for a while. Thanks to him as I was able to get the message to a larger audience.
  6. I think people will enter rooms and leave based on what they feel is valuable and also the time they have to disburse. But for doing a retrospective my goal might be to have more people be able to participate rather than have a ton of listeners.
  7. I do need to work on seeing how someone sharing their retrospective can in itself be an engaging and entertaining activity.
  8. I think one way is sharing my insights into the discussions periodically and that way I can make this as a public coaching exercise.
  9. I think there was a lot of hesitation for people to join initially as usually when I end the room I have around 40 people who have raised their hands and I would not have been able to give the opportunity. Here we were drained of raised hands twice.
  10. Finally I mentioned I will close the room in 15 minutes and close the hand raising and this is your last opportunity to come on stage, many people came in.
  11. My take is people first hesitate, then observe, think over and finally when they know it is the last call they come in. I am sure that will change from next week.
  12. I did not have a real count of how many people spoke. But those who came here
  13. I knew before but could see it for real that most people can speak in English and it is just their confidence. I am pretty hung ho about this and the value it can bring to people.

Finally after close to 3 hours I personally felt I have found something that is worth and creating a value. It is also a great way to talk about a range of topics that matter to people. Loved it !!

I did not do my retrospective there but will end the blog with that

  1. What went well?
    • I was able to stick on to the writing regime like this one and repurpose it on my Malayalam podcast. This saves me a lot more time and creates a structure to my podcasting exercise.
  2. What did not go well?
    • I could not upload an episode on my Kerala Malayali Podcast even though I have three conversations recorded. I did not get the time to do it.
  3. What will I work on Improving?
    • Utilization of Time is key always. Also I figured out that my old MacBook was giving way and one reason why I could not upload the conversation podcast as I need to use iMovie to edit that one. I did get a new MacBook on Friday and I am hoping the coming week I can get all the episodes ready so I have something ready for next three weeks.

Now to close on if you are planning to be on the session next week. Here is what I suggest. Write down the answers to these questions next time and come over and read it if you cannot speak it. We can slowly improve. Join & Share!!!

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