5/365 Taking a stand on what is happening around you.

When we take a stand on something we have to understand that there will be people who will not agree with us. The more the stand goes against the accepted the norm, the more the number of people who can come against us.

And people don’t easily forget what they disagree on especially with social media reminding people of their disagreements constantly. In today’s cancel culture with all our imperfections and flaws there is also a chance that something we said or did can create a major uproar tomorrow.

When that happens, we will be put on a pedestal and questioned…. not just for that one incident but also for the previous stands we took. No one will care about the validity of your previous stands and delightfully cancel them. That is how it works, accept it.

But there is something that we need to know. For any allegation that is raised at us, if we see there can be some fact in it, we should be answerable to it. And that no way diminishes the earlier stands we took. Society will want to cancel us completely and that is what they do.

So the fundamental question is “Do we need to be perfect to take a stand on an issue?” Well that is what people expect but it never happens as we all carry multitudes within us.

For me personally, I don’t take stand for acceptance, I take stands for what I see is right. And I have my flaws, and even my stands can be wrong when new information rolls in. Also I might not see every issue as something I need to take a stand on. We all are selective in our stand.. everyone is.. even the ones who call you selective.

Now there is something that happens when you constantly restructure your thoughts, I mean take a stand, learn, correct and move on. Over time we start seeing the world in all its diversity and variability that you become part of it in an interesting way. You are not afraid to take a stand because of what people might think or because you fear if you might be wrong in your stand. 

It is ok to be wrong when you take a stand as long as you will not keep defending it when you realize you are wrong. Every stand we take is a learning experience towards understanding the world better. May be your stand will be right may be it will not be, but to know that you need to take a stand.

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