8/365 Do I hate people ?

The answer is a big NO and I am sure that is the answer most if not all people would have. But…. but… but.. but… I want to state something else here.

Though I don’t hate people there are some specific individuals in this world that I do dislike. I use dislike as I think hate is a strong word that we should not use in our current times. I am sure many would frown when they read this part, but that is the truth.

We all hear people talk about love and I accept that, but for certain individuals who have treated me badly in my life, I have no better emotion, that a strong dislike. I personally think it is ok to have that dislike. It is just being human. The catch though is what you do with that dislike. This is where we can make a difference.

I ignore the individuals I dislike, I try my best to not have any part of them in my life. And it is just that life is much better without their influence or interference. As a human being even they will receive a humane gesture from me, but as I live I have them as far away from me as possible.

Some would say that this is bad for you.. I agree, may be… but the effort to get over it is even more painful. This dislike helps me be more real and understand that aspects of me which got me in that situation in the first place. It helps me learn and it also helps me be more humble and not be like them.

We all hear about role models, while I have my own reservations on the role model narrative, I like the concept of having individual models that you never want to be like. My bucket of individuals I dislike is a reminder for me to not be like them in my life.

For me it is not just about what I want to be, it is also about what I don’t want to be. And I think it is perfectly ok for people to dislike me for what ever reasons they have. I am in no journey to be the most liked person.

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