9/365 Does that mean I am lost?

It is not that infrequent that I feel lost and I wonder if it is an issue with me. Am I getting lost because of a lack of clarity. And then as I always like to do, I decide to get a bit more lost in that thought.

If it is all the same familiar stuff, chances are very less that we will get lost. The same route, the same thoughts, the same people, the same conversations, the same experiences, the same work and so on. But that is not me.

I try out even things that I am not really prepared to try. Now I am in no way recommending you should do it, but just that trying for me is like that first step of opening a book before you start to read. There is no clue of what I might be getting into. I am not even sure if I can gather the frame of mind needed to comprehend what is written. Nevertheless I try… I start…. This means that you are bound to get lost. you cannot escape being lost.

Getting lost is just a sign that you are getting out of your comfort zones and exploring what is out there. I think it is more important than ever before that we get lost more often. Because we are being tuned and built to be more predictable in every way and when you start thinking that is the norm, you will start avoiding ambiguity and risk. And that can be catastrophic in the new VUCA world. A world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

For me ‘Being Lost’ is another learning tool. So the answer to the title question is Yes, it means I am lost, but it is very intentional and I will be lost even more without that opportunity to be intentionally lost.

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