10/365 When you break a rhythm

I use the same time everyday to write this blog, but today that changed. I got buys in the morning and then had to go for some other engagement and I only got time in the evening.

Usually after my morning walk, I make my coffee. Then I sit down with my coffee to write the blog post. It has only been 9 days and today I broke that rhythm. I am not sure if that is the reason but today when I sat to write, I realized I am not able to write. Hence I am writing down this.

Breaking the rhythm might not be the real issue, I will only know later, but I wanted to explore that thought a bit. There are two aspects to writing a blog. One is deciding about what you need to write and the next is to write the actual content.

I know what I had to write but I sat in front of the screen staring at it for a while. I started the post a few times and could not move ahead. I am thinking it could also be a self doubt.

Self Doubt is a real thing and in my case this is not the first time and nor is it going to be the last time. I guess my way of overcoming it is trying to do something. in this case that is what I did.

I could not write on what I wanted to and so I decided to figure out why I am not able to. I think Rhythm is one aspect that I will keep a close notice in coming days and Self doubt is other. As I write this sentence the Rhythm is still broken today, but i have completed writing and I guess I have overcome my self doubt…. at least for now…

May be this is an extremely simple way to talk about self doubt. It is a much grave issue, I know that…. but for me at this instant.. the post is done. We will get to faults tomorrow.

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