11/365 OK, so now it is my fault…

Finding fault is a behavior we come across in people. I will not say this is only a trait we can see in others but we are equally susceptible to this behavior. I personally have found fault and in some cases tried to find fault and later found out I was wrong. I often wonder why do we do that or more precisely why do I do it.

There are many that will make it to the list. Let me share some.

  1. We think we are not suppose to make mistakes
  2. When an issue arises, It is way easier if someone else is at fault.
  3. We have a false confidence that we can never be at fault.
  4. We don’t want to take the uncomfortable position of saying sorry.

May be there are more, but I want to just add these. Now how do we try to work with these. Again here are some personal thought.

  1. Try to internalize this act of finding fault rather than doing it in public
  2. See how finding fault can impact a relationship or an environment
  3. Think if the opposite of what we think might be true.
  4. Make saying sorry a part of life, Say Sorry even if you are not really sure, and use that as a key to open a conversation that can lead to something new.
  5. Look at the bigger picture, We are always burdened by the immediate smalls.

That said I want to also say it is not easy, because finding fault is the most easiest way. We have been talking about we finding fault in others, but there is a bigger issue that can impact us. This guilt trip where we always find fault with ourselves. This one is equally harmful and very easily habitualized.

Again these are my personal thoughts and I think we all need to dive deeper into understanding faults more. Bye.. Till tomorrow

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