12/365 So Can’t I be myself anymore?

I am of the opinion that we all should be ourselves and should not care for what other people think. That thought comes from the basic premise that there is so much that the society and others impose on our free thought. That said there is also a trap in here which we should address.

The trap is when we look at the larger picture where we have to think what being ourselves really means. What is the impact of that in the society and to other people. I have started thinking more in these lines.

When I look at myself I no more just see myself, I see many versions of me and with each version many versions of many other people I have interacted with. I also see versions of me and others in the future, all intertwined and moving ahead.

How important is it to be myself and at what cost. Here is what I think. The cost of being myself should be borne by me and not by others or the society. If you think that is going to happen, then it is important to revisit how we are seeing things.

Categories: Opinions, Random Thoughts, Writing Project


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