13/365 We are responsible for our time

Time is that only resource we all have in equal quantities. It is also one resource that we have some control over. Control over what value it generates. And yet we end up wasting a lot of it.

I personally have lost time and also made good use of it over my lifetime like any other person. The question that I ask myself is who is responsible for our time?

I think we are responsible and that brings me to the main point here. we need to start with thinking what wasting time really means for us. I say that because waste is not the same for everyone. What I might consider as a waste of time is not the same for you.

My goal is to reduce the waste of time. And here is how I look at wasting time. Personally for me any time spent that makes me unhappy or miserable is wasted. Isn’t that a self centered thought? Why do you only need to think of yourself.

One reason I talk about me being happy is because I have honestly never felt unhappy or miserable when I spend time for others. Yes I do feel bored at times with some people, I also feel I might be spending too much time not doing anything, but not miserable.

If I can explain myself the importance of the time being spend then even if that is not my most happy moments, I will spend it with a purpose as I can see the value.

That said it does not mean I am always there for others, because priorities change. Spending time with a purpose is a more valuable approach I guess, more than just the happy with your time. Partying can make one happy and elated, but does lot of partying be a ‘spending time with a purpose’… Personally I don’t think so.

Too much Social media I don’t think is spending time with a purpose. For me content creation is a time spend with a purpose.

I will leave you all with one more thought. When I look at time as something I am responsible for I also feel a bit responsible for other people’s time. One reason I switched from videos to podcast I guess. When that responsibility kicks in you make it a habit to think about time and this opens a lot of room for you to improve and create a better self.

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