14/365 How our Life feels vs How our life looks like to others

We are going through a time when how our life looks to others is more important than how it really feels. Constantly opening ourselves to the eyes of others. Ready to be judged, liked, shared and disliked… it has become all about how it looks.

But feeling is a real thing if any of us have forgotten about it. We can put away for a while how our life feels and focus on making it look good, but soon we will start yearning for that imperfections that make it worth living.

When I say this, it does not mean I am personally immune to it. I am thinking of all the pictures of food I uploaded, the good moments I had and shared, the places I went and so on. Every single moment of life captured and uploaded.

Covid brought a small change to that. May be because most of us did not go out much, did not have a lot of fancy things to share. But even then we took pictures and uploaded from different angles of the living room, from the kitchen, the backyard, the balcony and so on.

I am not saying we should not share or upload. Just that how our life looks like to others is not necessarily how it can feel. Sharing this with you today because I think our Life is an experience…. at times it is a roller coaster… calm some other times… it is also confusing and demanding and too fast on some days… what we cannot do is diminish them to just good looking pictures available for anyone to browse. Let’s live… feel it….

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