16/365 Changing the Genre I am reading

My reading over the past year and a half has been all Non fiction. May be I did read one or two novels in malayalam. I have been mostly reading on social sciences, economics, anthropology, Tech and Business, Data and so on. And to be honest while it was fun, I am slowly getting overwhelmed with all these information and losing the fun of reading. And I need to switch my genre.

I want to start with Novels, but this continuous Non-Fiction reading has created another issue. It is giving me a FOMO if I do not read them. So when I finished Daniel Kahneman’s new book Noise, I said let me switch. Noise was not easy to complete as there was so much information and processing it was a bit difficult for me. I felt a bit exhausted.

I have decided to start with memoirs and then mix that with some Novels. So I have picked up Elizabeth Nyamayaro’s ‘I am a girl from Africa’. I thought I will do a mix of memoir, novel, history, science and so on. let us see how that goes.

There is so much to read and so little time. I put an hour a day and that is never enough.

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  1. I can relate to the FOMO 🙂 I read for half an hour daily. Recently the books I am reading are slow paced and I keep switching. I also feel I have so much to read and very less time. Yearly I am able to complete only 24 to 30 books. Recently, I have joined a book club to keep connected with like minded people and hear more and more about books. I enjoy your book reviews and videos. Thanks a lot for sharing this experience.

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