17/365 A Writing Project with your kids

When my daughter was in high school I had done a year long writing project with her and it was mostly a Q&A. I post a question and she answers me and then we would discuss about it and so on. We did that for 365 days. This was around 7 years back I guess.

Now our son gets into high school this year and I wanted to restart the same project. Either I have to use the same questions again or may be use a different route.

With our daughter the process we came up with was emailing a question and then getting a reply back. I wanted to do it through blogs but she did not want it. With our son, he is ok with the blog idea and so we are doing that as blog posts. Click here to read and follow his blog as we go through the project.

Also we are slightly changing the format to start with. Everyday I am after him asking what is he going to write about and then he comes up with it. It has only been a few days.

I might have to depend on questions or prompts as we proceed. Anyway the journey has started and let us see how it goes.

Anyone has any doubts about why kids should write? May be we will take that after a few days after I see how this is progressing.

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