20/365 When you rethink, reset and reach a Win Win.

It has been 20 days since I started this project and the format was that I write the blog and do a podcast on the same topic in my Malayalam Podcast. That was going all fine till two days back I felt that approach is in a way limiting what I write here.

This is what happens to me. I sit down to write and get a topic and immediately in my mind I start to think if this would be a good podcasting topic. And this puts a brake to the free flowing thoughts. I decided that has to change.

While content repurposing is all needed one should not limit the other in anyway. So I found an interesting approach. I decided to not connect these together. And for the podcast instead of talking about my blogpost I will talk about an interesting blog that I read that day.

This serves multiple purposes. I get to read and articulate an interesting blog post. I also can provide free promotion to the blog and the Author. And listeners who might not read english get to learn something in their native language Malayalam

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