21/365 Passion and Discipline

I am not a very disciplined person and I know that. My mom is very disciplined and she did try teaching me a lot of discipline while I was a kid and I don’t think I really learned much. But last few years for some reason I started noticing some patterns.

There are things I became disciplined. I was able to do things on long stretches for long durations. Doing something continuously for months and years. These have been mostly on things that I am passionate about. This is where I am thinking Passion and Discipline probably has a correlation.

I don’t feel disciplining myself an issue when it is about something that I am passionate about. And when I say discipline, I mean pushing myself to the limits and also doing it regularly come what may.

As I write this I have to also let you know that there are so many other things in life that I am not disciplined about. My next thought is how do I bring my discipline in my passion to discipline in other areas that are important to be done but boring for me. Let us see.

One other information, I am starting a video series on my instagram and igtv @penpositive. Do follow me there and let us talk. Take care.

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