23/365 When we think life can take a turn

Have you ever felt moments life when you think it is about to change. That feeling that you are totally unprepared. You know something can change but don’t know yet. And unless you know what it is, how can you prepare.

We live at a time where a lot of future is ambiguous and uncertain and yet we plan, and strive to prepare. And our mind takes us through every unknown terrain looking for a 100% certainty. Life can never be completely certain.

So what can we prepare. We might be able to prepare to embrace change. In a minimal way we can come up with a strategy to face change. A personal process to keep moving.

It is like, ‘OK it can happen’ but this is a process to navigate life once it happens. I am not going to write more on what that strategy can be, because I don’t have one yet. Just that I think I need it.. Over the next few weeks I will try to see how that pans in my life.

May be I will write about it in a month or so.

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