24/365 A good time to start a writing Project

I am not saying there is one such good time to start a writing project. One can start anytime. That said I also believe this could be a better time. And here is why.

Across the world the last one and a half years have been quite different from what we all have experienced. During this time while we have all managed to survive in our own way we have see how the force of the unexpected can impact our life. We have also got time to think about a lot of things we would not otherwise have.

How we used this time is an individual question, but however we used it, we have something to say that we would not have otherwise.

My point is simple. We don’t even write about the past, we can write about present and future and what we think. I am sure we all will have some new perspectives. And why should we write.

Thoughts need to be expressed in words and available for people to share and understand each other. While I might not have started this project with this thought in mind. As I reach 25 days I am feeling this project is unlike anything else I have taken. I am new, and so is the world I am viewing.

I don’t know where I am taking it or it is taking me, but I think it is all our responsibilities to chronicle it in our own way. Start a writing project. The world needs it.

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