25/365 When doing too much things is becoming tough

Today I feel a bit exhausted. And this has everything to do with the various extra work I have taken up. I know it does not suit a person who preaches to go light on things. But that is life.

Yesterday I read an Article in The Atlantic that speaks of leisure and how we make it a matter of productivity. I used to have a completely open weekends, no plans and lazing. Now my weekends start at 6:30 where I hold calls with the community I work with.

I am ok with that, but occasionally you have to also be in some other meetings and everything together gets overwhelming. Obviously what gets sidelined is sleep and exercise. Both of which one should not miss. After today I am planning to take a few steps to release my weekends.

I think one another problem I see in how I do things is that I do not do a proper estimation of effort when taking up new things. And it is a trap when in all the excitement you discount the effort involved.

Any solution or work around? I am not clear now… but I think it is high time I put some guardrails.

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