26/365 I think I need Writing prompts

So today on the 26th day of the project, I have realized I need prompts to move ahead. So did I run out of ideas to write. Not really I just have lost the space inside me to think. Why ?

It has to do with the topic of yesterday, too much things on plate. Yesterday I did a prioritization exercise and have been able to cut down my activities by 50%. That is really good. But even then the space already occupied inside me is not free. It will take time.

I have done writing prompts before, Words, Quotes, images and so on. Years ago a friend of mine and me tried a few interesting things. He was into digital art and I would take his art and write a poem. It was really fun.

While I used to work in San Francisco and take the daily BART commute, I would write a series of stories called Transit Stories. I would look at people entering the train and then select one person and write a backstory of a few hours before the person boarded the train. That was also fun.

Anyway tomorrow I need to start with Prompts. I will try different types of prompts.

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2 replies

  1. Interesting! 🙂

  2. Are any of those Transit Stories shared or published? If not then, please do..

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