27/365 Today I woke up with a Purpose; I think I did !

So does that mean I wake up daily without a purpose. Well I think I wake up daily with a clue of what to do. I have my daily routine and rituals but purpose. I am not sure. So why is today different?

I wake up in the morning and I think to myself, why am I doing this. I don’t bother much, brush my teeth and let our dog Reyna out and then put on my shoes and go out for my morning walk.

As I walk I start listening to something on my podcast lists and I only heard the host talk about purpose and then for the rest of my walk I kind of zoned away from the podcast and my mind wandered over to places that I usually don’t go.

It took me to my various roles, as a dad, a son, a husband, a friend, a social being, an educator, an employee, a entrepreneur and so on. I started thinking what is the purpose of all these roles I have. Do they serve the same purpose or different.

Today I will be spending time on that. I think it is not the same purpose for all roles, but everything I do can lead to a purpose on one of the roles.

So I should have written the title differently, I should have said, I work up with an idea to find a purpose, because I still have a bit of Journey to do.

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