29/365 They all say we need goals

In this year and age saying Goals are important will be an understatement. But the fact is even today many people struggle in this area. And the struggles are both genuine and varied in my opinion.

I personally struggle with it. It is not setting Goals, but setting them really long term and also prioritizing on the goals and deciding what should be pursued. We are all capable of only pursuing some of what we want and deciding what should be that is a skill.

I often get too much on my plate and then having to drop it can impact negatively. But that is a different problem we need to address later. But for now Setting up goals is a first step. Because unless we set it, we cannot even un-achieve it.

The visibility into our own feature become nonexistent. How can we see ahead if we do not decide what it needs to be for us.

Today’s blog post was inspired by this quote by Tony Robbins “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Excellent I am following you for last few years , so inspiring and motivating . So many things we can learn from you . Actually I am strated learning from you many things . Please continue sir . Thank you
    With Regards
    Kasthuri Rengan

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