30/365 Can we have it all?

So it has been 30 days since I started this project. It is not a 30 day challenge by a 365 days.

The question is Can we have it all? There are so many things we want. And we all want it now. If you have followed by posts I would have sounded overwhelmed at times and that is because I want to have everything all at once.

My personal take is this, there are tradeoffs in life and that means we have to sometimes settle for less, we have to let go of things. And this is true in my case both in personal and professional life.

I have made my choices and not always have they been the best ones. I realize that when I look back at life. and choices just mean I could not have it all.

But wanting things all at once can mean we have to part with more because there is only this much we can have at one certain time. Be it anything….

There is a word called spacing and that means you need to stagger your wants one after another. We only have one plate and not everything will fit into it.

What I am thinking is pursue all that you want but don’t do it all at once. Prioritize and in that process some things will fall to the bottom and you will never reach them. and that is ok, it is life. Because I don’t think there will be anyone whose all needs are met. And the fact is one does not need to have it all in order to be happy.

Today’s post was inspired by a quote by Oprah Winfrey “You can have it all. Just not all at once.”

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  1. Well said!

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