32/365 How Positive should you be?

I run a company called Penpositive, but I am not always a positive person. And I also have an issue with toxic positivity. I mean I don’t believe that just talking positive would solve problems.

May be I am skeptic because I have read so much motivational books and somewhere down the line I felt a lack of real honesty in them. I am not saying all is bad and also I think I might be wrong. That is the one reason I started this project

The writing project and the Penpositive Outclass daily Podcast. I write on the blog and then I talk of it on my podcast. The one thing I am trying to figure out is if talking and thinking about Positive things regularly will make you see and do positive. I don’t know yet but I am liking it.

So what is happening is for some time everyday I am able to think through a quote. Not that all quotes are positive, but they open a window into aspects of personal and professional life that will make you think.

I use that time to write and talk on what I feel. Just like this one here which was inspired by a quote by Jim Thompson. “Say something positive, and you’ll see something positive.”

So the question, how positive should you be? I don’t know.. but the idea is that one should feel good. Let us see.

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