33/365 Where are we heading to?

Everyone of us have plans. Some work some don’t work. I had a lot of items in my plan just before pandemic, some of which I had to shelve and others I had to postpone and a few I was still able to continue.

Making a plan alone will not solve the problem, but it is a start. a direction… a path on which you can start moving. But we should also know that plans have to be flexible and based on the kind of world we live it will need tweaks to total restructure.

The world we live in is the VUCA world. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.. meaning lot is changing and you cannot survive with a rigid plan that has no room for change.

Why plan if it is bound to change is a question I have heard a few times.. may be even as a joke when I bring up the point that plans should be changed as needed. The answer is if you don’t have plan you will not even know when to change. Just like if you don’t even have a map, you will not even know you are lost.

For me plan is an evolving artifact. I use a google spreadsheet with multiple tabs where I have ideas, execution plans, future possibilities and so on. This spreadsheet is always open on my laptop as well. It gives me a visibility into where I am heading and what I am doing.

Yes I do stray off from the plan and then come back as well. And I am not saying one should do that. But the point is a living plan, a living document can add so much more clarity than having none.

Today’s post was inspired by a quote by Earl Nightingale “All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”

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