34/365 Is there a good in everything?

There are so much happening around us. Some are good and some are bad as we look at it. but the question that I have heard being discussed is if there can be a good in everything. Can everything have a good side to it.

I know that sounds so cliched and motivation kind, and I have heard it so many times by people who claim everything has a good side to it and we should focus on that. I kind of agree that when we look back at an event that happened in the past… now that it is over, we might attribute subsequent good things to it and claim even such an incident has its good side.

I think that is not really right. So everything need not inherently have a good thing. But yes we can strive to see what can be good in everything. All our situations are unique and we know that and yet we all say it can be better. And some really bad situations can be worked on.

While I like to be closer to reality and not camouflage any situation, I think it might have some positive impact if we try to see if this situation can be turned into something good.. there by reducing its negative impact…

Today’s inspiration was this quote “Train your mind to see the good in every situation.” and no one knows whose it is… When I picked it up.. it said author unknown….

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