35/365 So how do we become happy?

I think there was a time when people used to say they want to succeed and the general consensus was that if you become successful you will be happy. Over the last several years I have personally seen that thought change.

The people who say they want to be happy has increased. Does that mean people are all getting happier. I don’t think so. At least people have probably started asking themselves these questions more often… what makes me happy?…Does this thing make me happy…

The answers to these questions are very personal for us all. There can even now be people who are only happy when they hear the cash register ring. I had known someone who used to tell me that. The person was honest in telling me that, but even that time I was wondering if I would be able to aspire for that I did not aspire for that and may be that is why I don’t have a ton of cash. But even without that I know I am privileged in a lot of ways. Everyday I wake up knowing how privileged I am. That is mu humble chord I have to hear play every morning.

I also realized that all the things that make me happy are things that don’t need a lot of money and money has become just a means to live. But time is needed to be happy… if I don’t have time at my disposal I cannot really be happy

That said happiness is always a pursuit and I cannot wrap it up in one session. We will come back to this trip again. Today’s post was inspired by a quote by Dalai Lama…. “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

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