38/365 The Cost of being ourselves

I always used to tell people that we should be ourselves and there are so many quotes out there that say so. But then I wonder, why is it difficult for us all. Why do we always succumb to what others want us to be.

Why is there a constant struggle for someone to be themselves. Should that not be the natural choice and apparently easier than becoming anything else. Well it should but seems like we are more bothered of what others think.

Expectations are sometimes like chains. They tie us up in such a way that we find it so hard to be free. We conform to a society and all our originality either stops from happening or just gets lost. And our only goal is fighting it and emerging in our true self.

But I think there is a different aspect too. And this is something I have been thinking of lately. There is a cost to being ourselves and it does not come cheap for all. The question how ever is who is going to bear the cost. If there is a cost for us to be ourselves and that cost has to be borne by some other individual, do we think that is fair.

Now my thoughts have slowly started changing.. while it is important to strive to be what we are, we should also be aware and considerate about the impact of the same… impact to others around us and the world in general.

Today’s post was inspired by a quote by Jeff Kinney “Be yourself and people will like you.”

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