40/365 A short road trip after a long time

After almost one and a half year of not traveling we made a short trip to Oregon. Not in flight though We took the road and stayed in the small University town of Eugene a couple hours before reaching Portland. We drove to Portland one of the days.

it was pretty hot and we also had our dog with us as she is getting older and we did not want to leave her anywhere. This kind of puts a few restrictions on you, in terms of long hikes and indoor seating and museums and so on. But that is quite ok as it felt more happy having her with us.

On our way there we stopped at Crater Lake and could see nothing due to the fog. A 30 dollar entrance fee gives you access for 7 days. But I lost the ticket and on our back took another one and were able to see the lake. That is ok, as most of the parks need our donations in one form or other.

Powells Book in Portland is a huge place and when I spend time there and came back, all I had in mind is “So many books I want to read and how sad it is that I will not be able to”

Back at home on Saturday, we all had stuffy nose due to allergy. May be because we had to put on the AC all the way through and also the fact that we had not been traveling out for a long. Getting better now.

A few things that did not happen during the trip was my routine diet and morning walk. I did walk one day morning though. But today Monday I restarted my morning walk and it feels good. Now I will have my regular two boiled egg breakfast and get to work.

Where ever you go, when you are back home to a safe place in all its familiarities, you feel good. A few months back I heard or somewhere about someone saying about home. They said home is that place where you can be yourselves without having to worry about others.

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