42/365 In a Cinema theater after so long

And finally after more than a year and a half, I had a chance to go to the movie theaters. They opened last month. In fact I had not planned but something happened.

So I have this monthly pass for 24 dollars or so that allows me to see 3 movies every week in the AMC Theaters. Yes… a pretty good deal right..? when one ticket can cost you 10 dollars. I don’t usually use it for 3 movies a week but even if I see like one a weekend, it is worth it.

This subscription was put on hold since Pandemic and when theaters closed. That kicked in and resumed in July. I figured it when I was checking my bank statement. I was thinking should I continue or cancel. Anyway since it was active I thought I will try it again.

I was not sure what movies were playing in theaters, have been in the Netflix, Amazon streaming world all the while. I saw that there were a few movies and went and watched Stillwater by Matt Damon on Monday. I like Matt and though the movie was slow paced, I was glued into the seat throughout the two and a half hours.

I am not sure if I would have watched the movie fully and attentively if on TV. There is so much more distraction when watching at home. In fact I had forgotten when I had really sat and watched a movie engrossed in it. No.. it is not distraction from people but distraction from my on phone habits.

Then again on Tuesday I went to watch the 9th edition of Fast and Furious F9. I should accept that I had not seen any of the earlier ones. Not sure why… just did not watch. But now after having the F9 experience I want to watch all other 8. Sad that I might not be able to watch them in theater. Because that is one movie we should watch in theaters.

There is something else that happened while watching the movies. I was transported back to my younger self. I used to watch so many movies fully immersed in that experience, both in theaters and on TV… both of which had become alien to me. With that also came many memories of movies and a lot of entangled thoughts.

I was feeling connected to the characters unlike ever before. As F9 progressed in London, it took me also to my days living in London and so on… I realized that some of the movies I had watched in the past, I had been so connected that I felt like being part of the cast and crew.

I will leave you with a quote about cinema by Lebanese actress Nadine Labaki

“Cinema is not only about making people dream. It’s about changing things and making people think.”

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