45/365 The very useful ‘Block’ Feature on Social Media

As a content creator one of the most amazing and useful feature I use is the block feature. But the general thought of blocking is negative… personal I find this a very positive feature. One that enables us to keep people who don’t behave away from your content.

I know there are folks who would say it is undemocratic. But who said social media pages and blogs and profiles need to be democratic. Any person’s page or profile even if it is publicly readable and viewable and searchable is a private thing. The person has the right to decide who it should be available for or not.

I think the catch is if you are generous on blocking and even say that often you can antagonize your existing visitors and that is counter to the fundamental social media need to gain popularity.

I am a person who uses the block feature generously and the reason is I think only people who accept me as I am and can understand the existence of multitudes in a person need be there. In real life we won’t want to be around people who we don’t like right..? then how is Social Media different? It should be the same… we should have a way to keep some people outside your space.

An interesting conversation once happened with a person on Facebook. The person put some nasty comment and I looked at his profile and it was Locked… which is a feature that came up a while ago. And I asked him why it was locked and he said it is a feature and he wishes to use it. And replied that then may be I should block him because I can’t understand where his Nasty comment comes from.

The guy got pissed and he started saying how undemocratic it was and blah blah blah… I said Locked and Blocked are two features on a platform to be used as deemed fit. If not it would not be there.

The point I want to make is none of us creators or not need to put up with people we don’t like.. we should generously block people who we don’t want to be with… life and time is way more precious. That said we should not allow our life and actions to be dictated by who follows you or not.

This is my rule of thumb… “If I find a response offensive, I will check if it was a mistake and if found I will block the person… Sometime I don’t even do a second check.. And in both cases it is my decision just like the other person has a choice to not read, listen or view my content if they don’t like it… We live in a world that gives us the opportunity to stay away from people who do not impact you in a positive way..”

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