46/365 When it felt like old times again

Yesterday we were invited to a small gathering.. a party to be precise… after over 1.5 years this is the first house visit in a way… no we did go to our cousin’s place for a birthday party… But this was the one in which it felt like old times for a while..

Amazing hosts.. All thanks to them… amazing food and drinks and music and dance and chatter and so many new and old faces… some faces we have not seen for ages and some new faces we had never met…

Different race, language, interests and food…. through it all tightly knit was a deep connection of togetherness. It is not just that people were nice and good… it was that we all kind of knew deep inside, what the last one and a half year did to us.. We could see the resilience in all of us.. in people on the front lines helping others…. in organizations… in humanity in general…

We started the party with a prayer…. and that felt so good… honestly… a reminder of the privileges we all have and the fact that we are in a way able to see the other side of terrible times and be here to celebrate being back to normal again…

Though we all know it is not over and the pandemic has changed all our life in ways we are still trying to fathom…. for a few hours it felt like old times again…. I know across the world we are still struggling at various levels and the aftershocks will be felt for long periods… the time demands our togetherness more than ever….

Today I will leave you with a small thought… ” We don’t need to struggle alone…. suffer alone… the power of being together… a smile.. a hug… a tight hold on ones shoulder or arm…. just says we are in this together… no one is alone… not anymore…”

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