53/365 A Ritual for initiating a change

Change is always an interesting topic for me, may be because we talk about it a lot in our agile world. But the change I wanted to talk today is about personal change. It is true that on a personal level change happens always. Some knowingly and some unknowingly. And at other times we have to initiate a change.

Why do we have to initiate a change? A feeling of being stagnant… getting too comfortable with something… boring… preparing for the future and so on. For me I also have to also do it when I am lost like the recent thought episode that I did.

I usually add a ritual while initiating a change. The most common is getting a haircut. This changes my appearance and creates a make belief that things will now change for sure. Like creating a point from where there is a before and after that I can see. Every time I look in the mirror I am reminded that I have started the process of change.

It is more like a hack that I do and I did it a few days back as well. Even though haircut over the past one and a half years have been in house and salons have opened up, I decided to do it at home again. Instead of having my daughter do it, I took the machine and just went all over my head. It did not look good.

But it felt good… and now this might sound weird… but this physical activity also started touching my psych… Even people start looking at you differently. They notice a change though they don’t know why you did it. While the change is very personal and internal the hack immediately makes you feel that the people around you is also helping you in your journey. Like they are also part of your project.

A physical ritual to give that extra push to initiate the internal change. So what change did I initiate..? Let us hold off on that.. because as I said it is something internal…. I am on it…

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