54/365 Looking Good, Feeling Good and Being Good

Today as I went for my morning walk I was listening to a podcast in which they were mentioning about looking good and exercising and how it helps people in how they feel and this thought popped up in my mind.

More than feeling good and being good the social media seems to be more focussed on looking good. I am in no way saying one should not look good. But what does look good mean. Who should judge if someone looks good. Do you have to conform to the society’s idea of what looking good means.

May be health and fitness is the way to talk about looking good… but that is feeling good… if we decide to take care of our body and eat well and exercise, that is about feeling good. So looking good is all about how you feel about yourselves. We have to be comfortable and happy in our body even if we do not conform to what others want.

But feeling good in my opinion is so important and this means not just fitness and health.. but also relationships and work and happiness and less stress and having time and on and on and on.. There is a whole list of things when we start looking at feeling good. Even little guilty pleasures and indulgences of that sorts have a value. achieving small goals matter. Laughing matters.

What about Being Good…. Another area that people find it easy to post than act on. Like we want everyone to be good.. but we will be just us… whether you like it or not.. that feels funny to me… and that does not in any way mean I am being good every time. I will leave you all with that thought.

Being good along with feeling good is the pursuit I prefer instead of hiding behind the looking good pursuit.

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