55/365 Two things that my son wrote

First let me give you some background. A few years back I did a writing project with my daughter. Every day I would give her a question and she would write me an answer. She was 14 back then. We continued that for a year… yes 365 days.

This was a big learning experience for me as a parent.. trying to understand a teenager. And I think it also made our relationship so great and understanding and complete in all sense. This year when I embarked on a personal writing journey, I also got our son Rahi to do it as well. He is entering high school now.

The catch is he has to identify the topic and it is not a Q&A… times have changed and I did not want to repurpose the same set of questions. Two of his posts struck a chord with me. Also my purpose of this writing exercise seems to be working.

One post is when he wrote about what it is to be the youngest in a family. Though it might have a pandemic impact too.. his biggest concerns were that he could not meet his friends and second is he feels I have failed him in not trying to spend more time understanding his world. This is true in a way. And I have to work on it.

The second post is about being a Teenager and how he looks at that time in life. I just felt good reading it as he does not feel he has to conform to the society in anyway. This would mean also that he has to face adversities and my role is to be there for his support… as a friend…

My goal of this writing exercise, beyond the fact that it helps them articulate their thoughts is that it helps me understand their world and also creates a space to build our relationship as they grow. Both these posts are going to be great conversations for us.

Also to add, he decides the topic and he writes… I don’t interfere or QA any of this writing… this is where he learns to write.

This is more like a two way coaching between parent and kid 😜 And we plan to do this for 365 days 👍

Here are the two posts…

39/365 What it’s like to be the youngest family member

36/365 What it’s like to be a teen

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