57/365 When School started again

This is a Parent’s chronicle. You want to read my son’s narrative you can go to his blog and read 44/365 My first day of school

After one and a half years I had to suddenly find 1 hour of time that did not exist in my schedule. And that too in the morning. So this is my issue. I wake up like 5:45AM – 6:00AM and take my time with everything so I am ready for work at 8AM. Now I need to find an hour here…

So I moved my wake up to 5:30… rush through my daily routine so I am at work by 8:30 as that is when my meetings starts. It worked two days. But it is no fun. I hate rushing through things. I just hate it…. Why do people rush in their lives. Can I wake up at 5AM and catch up.

I love to take time to do things and be done with it early. Well not everything. But the ones I think are important. Anyway so before school started I had to find the best route, best time and best drop off for Rahi. Making him wake up early and be ready by 7:30 would be good so that I can be back by 8 AM.

We also planned that he will be all set for school previous day. Lunch ready, bag ready, clothes ready. So got some easy made lunch items so he can prepare his own sandwich the previous night. In a week we will feel this is normal.

As human beings one of the capability for us is to adapt. Adaption is not easy.. also not impossible.. our nature helps us to use the time in a way that gets the priority items done. Yes a few things will fall out and become unimportant. But that is life.

We will never ever in our life find time for everything to be done. We prioritize.. for me the priority is be with them when the school starts. Not really to make it easy for them but make it really achievable disciplined and stress free as well as planned in. That is the goal. More later…

Don’t forget to read his part of the story. Will talk more on this another day.. but it feels so good taking the car and driving out in the morning as life seems to be back in our small town.

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