60/365 The need to Transform ourselves

Transformation means a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. And I get it that most transformations that are evident and get popular in social media and so on are transformations of appearance… And it is interesting to note that even for human beings the transformation is always hailed as physical while the major transformation is what can happen within us.

I am in now way belittling the effort that goes into amazing physical transformations… Don’t get me wrong. But there are physical transformations that are not humanly possible for us. Then what is a better way for us to look at transformation. I think in today’s world at least for me transformation is about being a better version of ourselves.

While we know we get old and as part of it we pass through points of no return, there is always a process of striving to be a better self. If we start looking at our actions, and I don’t say every action… but some of our actions and ask ourselves how this might add to a better version… we might be surprised by our answers.

To tell you something from my personal experience, while I talk of this better version concept… I have tried to ask what I mentioned earlier. Asking if something adds up to a better version. I have had answer NO to it and still continue doing it and at those times I have felt if I am being dishonest to my own idea of what I believe in.

But the beauty of asking questions is not of you answer them or transform then and there. This constant questioning creates an interesting mindset of always looking at that little cracks through which you can change and move through. The goal is not to transform to a perfect version, because one such thing does not exist. Just a better version.

This becomes even more important today because the world is changing and our better versions, that is if we are aware of what is happening will make us more adaptable to the change. A way for us to move forward as an evolving specimen.

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