61/365 Becoming a Learning Machine

I am sure you would have heard this term ‘Learning machine’ to talk about oneself or others. The first time I heard something similar to this was probably in the movie First Blood where they refer to Rambo as a ‘Killing Machine’. We have come a long way from aspiring to be a ‘Killing Machine’ to being a ‘Learning Machine’

Continuous Learning is at the core of organizations that want to stay competitive in a changing world. Individuals are no different and everything around us is changing. The World as we know it… our work place…. career demands… career choices… technology… and the list goes on.. Learning is the only tool in our arsenal. Even knowledge we have becomes obsolete pretty fast.

I have been thinking what my pattern of learning is as I wanted to bring a structure to it… but it is not that easy… I will try to explain a few things in the time we have.

Books: Books have been a great source and now I mostly read with the intention to learn and that learning means recreating a piece of content with every book I read. So creating content gives my reading and learning process more meaning and also helps me be focussed and serious about it.

Videos: I don’t usually watch random videos on Social Media usually. But I do intentional consumption of content from sources and creators who I believe adds value to me. Sometimes these are independent creators or sometimes these are organizations.

Podcasts: This is currently my biggest medium I would say and be it news, ideas or professional concepts that I need to learn to keep myself abreast in my work.

Conversations: This have been less and I miss it. It might be a pandemic impact as you only get time to interact in very specific spaces that what you used to do before.

Training: I also am registered for two online learning programs associated with my interests on professional and personal sides. These are not for any certifications or degree but an ongoing learning exercise that keeps me well grounded in a student’s shoe.

I am sure there are many more ways we can explore our learning thirst. I am not really sure if I can call myself a learning machine of any sort because I am more looking at making learning a habit. The idea that everything has something to teach you. the question is are you ready to learn.

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