63/365 Who are our Friends?

I am not even trying to ask myself who are my true friends. In a world where everything is a friend request… who are our friends? Are they the people you interact with daily or is it those who just are there when you need them. For that to sink in I might have to take you through my friends list.

Not exactly the list of people.. but what comes to my mind when I ask myself that question. In this world of Social Media I have to tell you that everyone I consider a friend are people I have personally met. That is probably because I am still old fashioned when it comes to thinking what the framework of a friend is.

Are they the only people I like… of course not… there are so many people I like and this includes people I have met online and have been in acquaintance for a long time. People with whom I interact way more than my real world friends.

Some of my friends are not even in the same geographical location and we don’t meet often.. not even phone or chat often… but there is connection that was created way back that was so strong and keeps binding us even after so many years.

There are friends I call and talk when I feel happy in life. There are friends I reach out when I feel sad and down. There are friends I connect when I need some help.. some for personal help and some for professional help. All these friends are not the same person. Does that make me a selective friend?

We all connect people for various reasons. That does not mean I grade my friendship. At least for me I feel that every relationship has a utility in our subconscious mind that only emerges when that utility is called for. I say that because I have analyzed the pattern in which I connect with people.

Then sometimes you just miss a person for no reason and you connect.. no utility.. no asks.. no requests.. you just want to be with them…. For me all these people are my friends.

Now there is another whole big list of people who I am connected with… And this is where the picture gets blurred.. I am yet to figure out that clearly and I don’t know yet… And that is a whole list of people who on a constant basis contribute positively to your life… they contribute in their own way by just being themselves… they don’t even know that.. only we on the receiving end know.. I might want them to be my friend.. but I just don’t know how that might happen….

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