65/365 My Battles with Smoking

They say just go cold turkey… In terms of smoking… just quit… don’t do a reducing the smoke…. just quit… if not possible take help… I have had my long struggles with the habit.

I realized you can trick your brain and this is something a friend of mine told me. He said don’t think that you are not going to smoke ever in your life. Just say you will not have that next puff and then decide you won’t take the next one.. A puff a time… a cigarette a time… till you don’t have the craving anymore… And then.. then drill one more thing into your brain.. that you are only one puff away from being a smoker again.

So my friend told me this and I did quit for a while and at that time I told this same thing to another smoker friend of mine and he too quit. Less than a year later I meet him and he thanked me for that great idea and he was happy it helped him quit.. We spoke for a while and after that I went out for a smoke. I had relapsed back into smoking within a month.

I have no idea how many times I have tried and failed. Now I don’t smoke at all. That was what happened with the Pandemic. Not just the lockdowns, but also the news of so many people struggling to breathe. I felt it was not right on my part to continue doing it. In fact I quit two weeks before we went into lockdown. And even now I have drilled down into my brain the fact that I am only a puff away from being that old self. It is so addicting.

Here in US I am happy to see that youngsters are not much into cigarettes… My biggest challenge is when I meet college friends and go back to reminiscing the good old days and you just cannot stop but light one. That is going to be my big battles in the future. Avoid if I cannot win might be a strategy.

Coming to youngsters, I am happy they have taken some strict rules against the e cigarettes also because I used to see so many youngsters get into it. I am not saying there are no other addictions.. just that this one seems to be waning off in the new world.

If at anytime someone asks me what were my most tough battles.. this will be one.. Now the goal is to stay quit…. Even today when you go out you can easily catch the smell… I know there will be moments of utter vulnerability that I will have to overcome… I know that… and I am ready to face it…. Say No to Smoking !!!

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