67/365 Negative people on day 1 at work

I don’t know if you have felt this way. Your enthusiasm of being at work on the first day is burst like a balloon by people who tell you have bad things are…. what kind of a mess you have gotten into… OK may be not day 1 but as you go by the week. Well I have and when I tried to analyze more in that my reading was way different.

Not at all jobs but many work places I have seen this. Initially I have felt bad but then it became a habit and I figured that these people are not all bad. Most times they don’t even have a bad intention. They are just accepting you to the group.. It is like this way of welcoming you to the band. If you have thought that that the work place is a perfect place then you are at fault are not anyone else.

Often the issue I have found is with me where I judge people on their first interactions. When I don’t feel they responded me in the proper way, I give them a cross instead of a tick. Like I have been employed to judge and give marks to my colleagues… It is so lame.. I know…

And so many instances I have found that the same people I showered with negative marks later own became my friends and I also started seeing the value they deliver to the work and their team members. Yes there are people who remained that way. But that in my personal experience has been a very small amount. To be honest there are only two people in my 27 years career that I would never want to work with.

That said why do people. say negative about a work place. We can say all we want about them, but I have a different take. When people really care for what is happening around them, they really care who is being hired into the team… whether they have a say it it or not. So it is important to keep the reality flowing asap so you can get the ball rolling and do something of value. It is important that inflated expectations don’t make a new comer lost and dejected.

So it is not our enthusiasm that is burst, but our inflated expectations that would be floating in a beautiful paradise that is nothing but a product of your imagination. Here work happens, argument happens, it gets ugly before it gets pretty… sometimes it remains ugly… but when many people look back… they get some good memories… some appreciations that even today matter.. some success stories that we have retold on and on… Some momentous failures that we all learned from.. Again making wonderful stories for next generation.

All is not that bad…. we are good… yes some heartburns might be there… but when I look back at my stints with various companies… I am content.. except the time I worked with the two people I referred to earlier….

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