69/365 The Struggle to be Honest

Is being honest easy for people. We all know that honesty is the best thing to do and yet there is so much dishonesty in this world. Many cases people even rationalize the action and don’t consider them as dishonest. So is being honest a struggle?

I can tell from my personal experience. I have not always been honest in my life. Some I knew beforehand and then when I evaluated the impact and finally I chose the dishonest way. Sometimes it happened and I realized later that what I did was dishonest and that I should make amends. Now I am not proud of both these instances.

A few years back I started on this journey to be as honest as I can on all aspects of my life. And every now and then I would find that I have been doing something and it is not as honest as I would want it to be. I then have to work on not repeating it…. or changing the way I do things. That is when I figured that for me being honest is a struggle and will remain one.

Am I honest? that question had a long silence a few years back ending in a yes. But today my journey allows me to answer it this way “I strive to be and I am making small headways.. but like all journeys I get lost and have to find my way… yes it is a struggle”

I think I am able to answer that question in that manner because I am in a journey of that sorts in all my earnest self. Knowing that I am not perfect…. that I can now make mistakes that I can both realize, analyze and change myself.

Even this process that I am doing now, is part of that effort to outclass myself… it be a better version… a more honest version.

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