70/365 The Beauty for Iterations

If there is one thing that I have learned being an agile practitioner for the past 10+ years is that Iterations are so powerful. Not the duration in which you do the iteration. But just the process of iteration. And yes retrospect at the end of it.

For me I guess over time it has become a habit that,I don’t strive for things to be the best in the first time. They never will be. Get it done.. ‘even if it is dirty get it done’ has been the motto. And then from there you keep iterating. Some iterations can be worse than earlier ones and that is ok. You sometimes have to take paths that lead you far from the destination.. you get lost… that is all part of the game.. but keep iterating..

I do this with my writing… my podcasts.. my videos.. While I agree I could give more attention to audience data and tweak what I do… I don’t do it in a very structured manner and that has its own problems. But net-net I have enjoyed the process of iteration… it feels very natural and you are never stopping. It is a moving vehicle of thoughts and ideas implemented in its own imperfect ways.

The beauty of this process is that you don’t waste time and you are always midst of the action. One can only get better at doing something by doing it over and over again. Most of my work is a daily grind. Even for those that are not, I do 30 day challenges to get things out of my system.

Currently I do two podcasts daily, one in Malayalam and one in english. And I don’t record for a whole week and scheduling it. I do it daily. The idea of iteration is doing daily and learning every day. While recording in bulk and scheduling will have it advantages. It is not Iteration in my mind. Same goes with writing.

With videos I have tried doing daily and there was a time when I used to do it without knowing it was daily. But usually it is 30 day challenges. Also an iterative process gives me an extra push everyday. It also gives me the freedom to make mistakes because I know I can correct it tomorrow.

Try iterating what you do… I recommend the daily effort… but that is your take

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