71/365 30 Day Challenges

I am a big fan of 30 day challenges. Doing something for 30 days. This can be anything from exercising or walking to cooking or blogging. Anything you can imagine and you can put that into a 30 day challenge format.

Yesterday I was reflecting on all those 30 DC that I have done. I believe I started this activity somewhere in 2009 when there was a 30 day challenge to start niche blogging. It was a challenge and training together. It was fun..

Now whenever I wanted to try something new or feel stuck or have so much that I need to get out of my mind, I do this 30 day challenge. Even now I am doing a 30 day video challenge. In 2014 I did a 30 day poetry challenge that went on continuously for 150 days where I read a poem everyday and tagged someone in my friendliest. I thought it would catch on but figured people were not much into poetry like me.

There are few things that I have found beneficial in this method. One is I do a quick daily iteration which allows me to structure my thoughts and ideas. It gives a great sense of accomplishment. Sometimes I even do it when I feel low and I need my mind off from negative thoughts. The 30 day challenge is a great way for me to focus on something new.

Except last two years I used to daily write poems on the month of April as part of the National Poetry Month. I have also done 30 day challenges to get into daily routines and it has helped.

Why 30 and why not 50.. well no specific reason. I first did it for 30 days and continued the same. Try it sometime and it is a lot of fun. Apart from all the learning we get out of it…. the main positive aspect is that sense of accomplishment.

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