72/365 The slow pace of life

I read carl Honore’s ‘In Praise of slowness’ sometime in 2011. I read that after I heard one of his TED talks. I can’t say I have consciously practiced that. But years later when I look back, there are elements of me that has had an interesting pace.

Last one and a half year a lot in the physical world for me became slow, may be you people felt it too. But the virtual world started speeding up. So fast that I could not get out of it. Sometimes it felt like you were riding a fast bus and you did not have the space to get out. You were being sucked into it.

All that changed a two weeks back when schools reopened and I had to add my son’s drop off and pick up to my schedule. This started creating a space that was non-existent last year. Not just the drive, but also the time before and after that. And I started seeing somethings in a new way. This is the same thing that happened when the pandemic lockdown started.

My experience if I can explain in words is like sleeping in a bus that is moving so fast and then coming to a screeching halt. You wake up and look around and see everything in a new light. You get this few minutes of slow observance. Everything is new… you yourself is new… But then you pick up pace.

Some would feel that having to do more into the day would be an anti-slow thing. But whenever you get time to do just one thing and no escape from it, it gives to extra time to think.. to let it flow…. Just the morning drive outside gives some enjoyable meaning to life.

So why did I start with Carl Honore. I guess I remembered a poem I wrote back then when I read the book. Slowing Down….. read it…

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