73/365 Ten Years back I wrote a Novel

A November Sunday was the Novel I wrote… around 56 thousand words… completely written in a moving train as part of my daily commute to San Francisco in 30 days in a November in 2011. Not sure if I should call it a Novella instead of a Novel

Every year folks come together to write a novel in November. The National Novel Writing Month NANOWRIMO. I believe it started with just a few people and back when I wrote I know that around 250,000 other folks also wrote along with me.

This was the time when I was actively doing this blog and mostly doing poetry. I had left a 7 year stint trying to do my own business and decided to quit that and get a job and was consulting with a bank in San Francisco. The one way commute was around 50 minutes. I was also part of the local poetry scene back then regularly attending open mics in the area. And someone in one of the meetings suggested to me about NANOWRIMO. Till then I had never thought of a Novel.

I just wrote a single draft and then took that to Create Space and self published one single Author’s copy. The idea was to rewrite, build on it and then may be become a published Author. But then I lost interest and it remains in my bookshelf. And I wonder why did I not take it forward. Did I think it was not that good? Or was I lazy..?

I think it was the latter, because I never thought that it would be any great novel. It was just an experiment to see if writing a Novel was possible and yes… writing 56 thousand words was possible. Small accomplishments that make you happy.

What next and why am I talking about this now. One option is I can still start working on it and try publishing it. Unlike 10 years back.. Today I also have some connections with a few publishers and I could try to get it published through a publishing house. The other option is read it as a podcast. Still not decided.

But there is one thing I figured out. Writing a first draft to get the idea out is only the starting part. The real work is to make it in a form that is readable. What is it about…. well that is the surprise right?

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