75/365 When you change some people will distance from you

“The world is changing” He shouted… “I know it dammit” I shouted back at him.. “So what are you going to do about it” he wanted an answer as if he was standing at that tip of change. I kept quiet and looked around me… I had to think..

Change is all over us and below us and next to us and we know it and we also know we have to adapt and change.. not just to be competitive.. but also to survive. But there is a catch. When we change people with us might not.

When we start to change there will be some people who will distance from us… they will say we are doing it wrong… we just don’t get it. It is not their fault or yours. We all have mental images of most people we deal with in our life and work. We also have mental models of how things are and ought to be. And change does not care for either of your models and whims and fancies. So what do you do.

We have a choice to allow that distancing to happen… like don’t care and move on with what you have to do. Or you can lead the change. It takes more effort… It can be painful.. it will make your journey longer… but you will also have them with you.

While we are individuals struggling to survive, we are also a community moving ahead and progressing… we have so much common, in our struggles, pains, triumphs and more.. We have to be together. And when change happens and we recognize it, it becomes our responsibility to help others also understand.

If we are the one who don’t get it… then we need to be open.. don’t think we are the only people who can identify and prepare for changes.. there are things in this world that are totally beyond our understanding. Listen.. hear… be open…

When we start to change there will be some people who will distance from us… And we have a choice.. proceed with the distancing or take time to help them understand… Are you just an individual or part of a community?

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